We support Financial Service Providers to train their employees in Anti-money Laundering/Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT), Customer Service and Sales Skills so that they can manage their risk, comply with regulations , maximize their profitability and create extraordinary customer experiences.

Our Methodology

We use our tried and tested A.T.E. method

This involves three steps

Assessing Training Needs

Cooperation with the client is a vital ingredient in creating an effective training programme. We spend time with the company to assess areas of strength that can be supported and areas of weakness that can be improved. We rely on companies to allow full access to staff to gauge their needs across all levels. This helps us to determine the best programmes for everyone. We study daily operations, human resource issues, and even personality issues that can affect the business’ operations. We are capable of analyzing the skills and training of employees and other issues that can hamper or help the company on its path to success.

Training Plan

767Compliance develops a training programme that is tailored to the needs of your company. We customize the plan for the employees and determine the methods that will be most successful. We will ensure that our training plan is executed with minimal disruption to the firm’s work schedule. We will work with your company to determine the best option.


After the training is completed, we will work with the client to evaluate its success. Our training is designed to achieve success that can be built upon, and we rely on the client’s honest feedback to identify the need to develop further training programmes for its employees. Depending on the needs of the client, continuous education can be scheduled at regular intervals to address other skill areas in need of development.

Our Specialism

We support regulated businesses to train their employees in AML/CFT, Customer Service and Sales Skills so that they:

✔ Avoid fines for both the organization and its employees
✔ Achieve their sales goals whilst remaining compliant by asking the right questions and having the right conversations with their customers
✔ Differentiate their brand by consistently creating extraordinary customer service experiences.

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